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Real Estate

Your Home When It Comes to Real Estate.

We offer comprehensive, sound advice on all aspects of real estate. We help private individuals buy, sell, and build their own home or investment property. After you have acquired your property, we provide you with comprehensive assistance and custom solutions when dealing with matters such as tenant law or tax law.

For institutional investors, we provide the necessary professionalism and expertise in real estate transactions (purchases, sales, restructuring) and constitution of condominium or co-ownership, including the preparation of custom regulations for a property. In planning and housing developments, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to assume the project management - we provide professional assistance throughout the project lifecycle, from the greenfield site to renting or selling individual apartments or the entire property.

Our services include in particular:

  • Preparing and reviewing purchase agreements, deeds of gift and barter agreements
  • Creating and increasing the value of liens (including mortgage certificates)
  • Constitution of condominium or co-ownership
  • Preparing regulations
  • Entering priority notices of lease agreements in the land register
  • Constitution of easements and building rights
  • Preparing rights of pre-emption and buying rights
  • Parceling out land (subdivisions, consolidations, changes to property limits)
  • Tenant law consulting